The Scariest Thing

 “One of the scariest things in our lives is actually doing what we know we want to do.”

-Cheryl Strayed


I’ll just come out and say it. I want to be a writer. I am a writer. Except that I don’t write. Not for a long time now. And you may be thinking well you are writing right now, are you not?  Yes. But not what I want to write. I want to write novels, and screenplays, short stories, and maybe a TV series one day. I want to write poetry –oh, how I miss you poetry. I want to write a memoir.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing for my blog and I am SO thankful for following my heart (for once) and pursuing this as a creative outlet. It’s helped me get back to me and that is why this throbbing of the writing I’ve longed to do is causing chest pains again. 

I was soo scared starting this blog. But, eyes closed, breath held, I jumped in with two feet and I’m so glad I did! Now, sticking with this theme of staying true to me, being the best me I can be and paving the way for my girls to live life bravely and full of heart, I must do what I really want to do. I must put pen to paper and write. I must, as the fierce, bold and talented writer, Cheryl Strayed said, I must “write like a motherfuker” 

And, so, that is what I’ll do.