15 Things I’m Lovin’ Lately

Here’s my list of 15 things I’m loving lately!

1. Sleep! I can’t get enough of it lately. I’ve been napping with the girls and going to bed with them at night! I’m kinda lovin the 8:30 bedtime & all the cuddles of course 😊 

2. Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell author of Sex and the City. It’s just one of those books you could curl up on the couch for a whole afternoon and finish it in one sitting. I was in need of a good fiction!

3. The weather!!! Spring has sprung here in McMurray 😊 

4. Park dates. Since the weather’s been warmer we’ve been taking advantage and going outside before and after nap time. Luckily, we live literally a couple steps away from a park, but it can get boring (for me) going to the same spot 2x a day so today we ventured out and found a new park! It was so much fun! Malakai is getting so brave and was able to climb the slide for her first time ever with no help! I just love watching her doing her little lap of up one slide, run across play ground, down one slide, repeat 1038278493x 😊  She’s been loving it so much too, this morning she woke up saying “play, slide, boy?” Lol 

5. Walking/hiking the trails. We are also super fortunate to live right in front of the birchwood trails and we’ve been taking full advantage of it! When Nick was off last week we hiked from Thickwood to Timberlea and back everyday! My glutes are still sore! Malakai is obsessed too. We stop at this little creek and let her explore a little. We call it “Woukie time” (that’s her nickname) and every time we’re getting close to the spot and we tell her “okay, it’s woukie time soon” she kicks Nick like a horse and tries to jump up n down in the hiking backpack haha. It’s the cutest! When “woukie time” is over then it’s almost always a tantrum where she just lays face first on the ground and pretends we can’t see her πŸ˜‚ One time we even tried walking far enough away where she couldn’t see us so she’d get worried and chase after us but nope. We stayed there for about 20mins just watching her explore and be totally okay with us being out of sight!!! Little stinker. She LOVES the outdoors.

6. Speaking of the outdoors. I have something I am working on and can’t wait to share with you guys very soon! Beyond excited!! 😊 

7. My family has been making healthier choices for eating/lifestyle and I am SO happy about this! I just love my family so much and I’m so excited they are making these changes to become healthier versions of themselves! ❀

8. Ellanor has started crawling backwards!!! One morning I put her in the middle of the rug in our living room then went to the kitchen to grab some water, came back and found her half way across the floor! So I watched her for a while and she lays on one side of her face like she’s ready to fall asleep then all of a sudden she jerks the other way and rolls over πŸ˜‚ then she pushes herself up and back like a backwards caterpillar 😊 funniest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She’s a character that’s for sure. 

9. We will be celebrating my Mom’s 50th birthday this weekend! 

10. Malakai starts her gymnastics this month!

11. My Dad took Malakai to the park the other day and she was saying Grampa, Grampa, Grampa the whole time and even in her sleep that night, hah! She can finally say it! I love hearing all her new words ❀

12. My sister came over on the weekend and we made eggs & bacon & hashbrowns for supper and we talked all night about parenting and childhood memories. I had a really great time 😊 

13. My Little Bee’s personality is unfolding now. She is so clever and has so much sass. Sometimes she freaks me out over how mature she is! It’s like she understands way more than we know. She just has a wisdom in her eyes that is breathtaking. I can get lost in those big beauty’s so easily. She’s an old soul, my babe ❀

14. Every night we read a book, sing two songs and then say a prayer with the girls before bed and lately we wait for Malakai to guide us through the routine and she does it with such pride! We pretend we forget what’s next and she’ll give us a book or start singing the song we’re supposed to be singing and last night after our two songs were sung, we waited to see if she knew what was next and she clasped her little hands together and said in the sweetest voice ever “Pwayer” ❀😒 I just wanted to jump at her and squish her and kiss her over and over right then n there! And, my favourite, when we’re finished praying she says with a smirk on her face, Aaaaa-men! So loud πŸ˜‚ I think she thinks we’re saying “the end” because she’s said “Amen” after a couple books we’ve read too haha but I love it! It’s my favourite part about bedtime 😊 

15. We are planning our first family camping trip for the summer!!! Can’t wait! 

Making these lists always makes me feel so happy and grateful for my life! I love it 😊 You should try it too! What are 15 things you’re lovin’ about life lately? 



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