Malakai’s Birthday Party!

Happy Monday!

The weekend was busy for us! Friday, we cleaned the house top to bottom and bought all the food for the party. Saturday, we cleaned again and got all the food we forgot – LOL! Then we waited for everyone to arrive!  I have to mention, Saturday morning I woke up to the house completely decorated! Nick stayed up ’til 3 in the morning cooking the pork roasts for our pulled pork sandwiches, which were DELISH, and decorated the entire house! What a great Daddy you are babe

Anyway, the day of the party I was super anxious because as soon as Malakai woke up she was in a terrible mood.  I’m not sure why, but she always picks exciting days like Halloween, Christmas, her birthday, to be either sick or extremely moody.  And, after she refused to nap my anxiety rose to an all time high.  But, thankfully as soon as everyone came she switched from the wicked witch of the west to beautiful princess Moana 🙂  She was smiling and laughing and being so silly.  She was dancing and just being her cute self. I was SO relieved. Usually she is really shy and hates large crowds but she was taking it all in and lovin’ every minute of it.

My crafty cool friend, Jen, made Malakai the raft from the Moana movie! It was such a hit! The kids loved it and it’s still in our living room because Malakai is obsessed. It’s now her favourite eating place too.  I love watching her play on it, I’ve never seen her use her imagination so much before – I love love love it!! Thank you, Jen!

As always I am blown away with the amount of love and generosity from my family and friends.  If not for you guys, Malakai’s party would not have been as successful as it was! Thank you for all your time, help, food, and gifts! Love all of you!!


Art by my talented Sister! ^^


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