Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Malakai

My baby, you’re 2 today. I’m trying to keep it together as best I can but my heart is beating a million miles a minute and it’s hard to catch my breath. I am so happy and sad, nostalgic and giddy.  I’ve been trying all week to write how much I love you but it’s impossible. I start and then the tears flow and everything I had written just doesn’t seem as significant as my love for you because there’s really no way to describe it. There are no words, my love. It’s too powerful. Too divine. And so, instead of writing just how much I love you I’ve decided to write the things I love about you.

I love:

Your piercing blue eyes, they’re like no other I’ve seen ❤

The colour of your hair and the way it smells after you’ve had a bath ❤

The smoothness of your skin and the little beauty mark on your back ❤

Your tiny hands that graze my arms while you try and fall asleep ❤

Your button nose ❤

Your teeth ❤

Your smile ❤

Your bum – you got it from your Momma 😉 ❤

Your laugh ❤

Your gentleness ❤

The way you love to share ❤

Your love for your beebee sissy ❤

Your love for the moon and rocks and birds and kitty cats and foo’s (dogs) ❤

The way you lay down on the ground outside and refuse to come in because you love outside so much ❤

Your squeal when Daddy chases you ❤

The way you try new things even though they are scary to you – my brave girl ❤

The way you repeat your words like ‘Tank youuuu, Mommy, Taaaaank youu’ and ‘Hiiii, Mommy, Hiii’ ‘Look, Mommy, look!’ ‘Moon, Mommy, Moon’ ❤

How you replace your P’s with K’s and say ‘Keeeys’ for “please” and ‘Kiggies’ for “piggies” ❤

Your love of music ❤

The way you sing ❤

Your voice ❤

The way you say “no” like it’s a question ❤

How much you love to cuddle ❤

The way you tuck your hand in the crease of our arms when you’re sitting next to Mommy and Daddy ❤

Your love of books and the library ❤

Your love for “sgetti” ❤

When you dance ❤

When you make silly faces with your sly smile ❤

The way you pat your hand on my back when you give me a hug ❤

Your sense of wonder ❤

When you hold sissy’s hand – you’re always protecting her ❤

The way you talk and giggle in your sleep ❤

The way you take an exaggerated breath when you find something neat ❤

Your kindness ❤

Your spirit ❤

Your heart ❤

I love everything about you, baby girl.

You are destined to do great things, little love – I know it.

I am so grateful God gave us the gift of loving you.

Happy 2nd Birthday My Sweet Malakai ❤




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