10 Things That Happened This Weekend

So much has been going on lately. A list is the easiest way for me to organize so here it is, 10 things that happened this weekend:

  1. This weekend Nick’s uncle was laid to rest. The church was absolutely beautiful and the girls and I got to meet so many family members we’ve never met before. It was an emotional weekend but it was filled with so much love.  We will miss you Uncle Glen ❤ ❤ ❤
  2. We had a lovely evening spent with Nick’s cousins, filled with wine (the best I’ve ever tasted thus far!!), and deep conversation. It’s such a blessing to be able to keep close relationships with extended family members.  Malakai had so much fun playing with her little cousin.  Truly an incredible thing watching the next generation play and love each other ❤
  3. We stopped at my Mom and StepDad’s house and had some moose stew! It was delish. I haven’t seen my StepDad in forever and this was Ellanor’s first time meeting Papa so it was kind of awesome 🙂 My Mom has come up to stay with us for 2 weeks! She’s only been here 1 day and has done all our laundry, folded and put away and everything!! What a gem she is I tell ya. So happy she’s here with us ❤
  4. Malakai said the F*&# word… so we are being more careful with our language! LOL
  5. Ellanor has been the funniest, happiest little human lately.  She laughs at literally everything. So many people were holding her this weekend, I don’t think I’ve said, “Where’s my baby?” so much in my life. You bring so much joy my little Bee ❤
  6. We spent time with Nick’s Dad. It was the first time seeing him in 9 months or so and it was the first time Ellanor met her Grandad ❤
  7. Nick’s Aunt and Uncle spoiled us with dinner at Earl’s and two huuge gift bags of toys and clothes for the girls. (Thank you!) We love spending time with them! ❤
  8. Ellanor had her first road trip and she did SO good! She only cried her head off for one out of five hours! And, we only had to stop twice! That’s pretty great I think!
  9. We took Malakai to this indoor play park called Treehouse and it was so much fun! She was cruisin around everywhere and even crawled up to the top of the treehouse and slid down the slide!! That is a super brave act for her!
  10. Yesterday, we celebrated all our March babies, there’s 5 including Malakai! All of my family went down to the Friendship Centre and we ate, had cake, watched the birthday peeps open their presents, and played bingo, all while the kids ran around wild and free.  That’s what I love most about our family gatherings, the kids just run wild, everyone helps out in keeping an eye on them so I feel at ease knowing my babies are being looked after by their aunts and uncles and cousins. I really attribute our family’s closeness to my sense of belonging in life.  Without all our family gatherings (sometimes its literally every weekend depending on the month), I seriously don’t know who I’d be today.  I love my family so much ❤

It was a whirlwind of a weekend to say the least. We started of mourning a death and ended it celebrating life.  There was so much love, so many hugs, and “I love you’s”, my heart is full of gratitude.  I was blessed with a crazy, loving family, and have been accepted with open arms into another loving family ❤ I have no words except THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over. 🙏🏼

Uncle Glen ❤

They held hands the entire trip 💕


Malakai made this picture for Uncle Jimmy ^


Photo cred: Grandad, Aunty Lainzy, Nitner, Moi 


2 thoughts on “10 Things That Happened This Weekend”

  1. Once out of 5 hours is amazing lol! Road trips are so much more complicated these days hey? So much planning and packing. I’ve only done it with one.. can’t imagine two! You’re a supermom. ❤

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