To My Husband

Remember that time we were at the Snye and you swooped me into your arms, carried me into the water and threw me in?  Or, what about that time in Mexico when we took those shots with fire then hit the empty dance floor and danced and laughed the night away just me and you? Or how we used to park in the Thickwood Arena parking lot, in my little purple rusted car, with the seats all the way back so we were lying down and no one could see us and we would just talk about life and the future and laugh and argue and cry and make up again. We’d stay there almost all night! Or, how I would wear your Trapper’s football coat to all your home games even though I was drowning in it, and you would point out into the crowd after a touchdown and I would hold my hands over my chest to keep my heart from jumping out. Or, the night before our wedding, how we were supposed to party separately and sleep in different rooms, but we ended up drinking a little too much with all our friends and family and then stayed in our honeymoon suite a night early 😉 Do you remember?

Do you remember how much fun we used to have together?  How crazy and carefree we were? Please tell me you do.

Even though those days are long gone and we are in over our heads with diapers, debt and bills, I want you to know that somewhere under my puke stained pyjama’s is that crazy, carefree girl you fell in love with 10 years ago.  Even though her body and mind has changed, and she stresses about the littlest things and randomly cries and takes things too seriously and rolls her eyes at the thought of cleaning and making dinner, I promise you she’s still there somewhere, that fun-loving person you used to know.

Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about the past, how things used to be when it was just you and me, and I really really miss it. But, then I look over at you fast asleep, Malakai’s hand on your chest and your hand over hers and my heart swells.  How did I get so lucky?

So much has happened and our love has grown and changed as much as we both have but I want you to know that I will always remember, I will never forget. I am still so in love with that cute boy I met by the fire that one night 10 years ago ❤



4 thoughts on “To My Husband”

  1. Seriously, two sentences in and I started crying. Like face scrunched eyes dripping insta red crying. And by the end of the post I I was sobbing. Your words are seriously MAGIC.
    Thanks for this post ❤ I believe so many people out there feel this with their partners. So much love but not enough time to give it.
    I love you. I wish I could come babysit the girls so you guys could go on a date ❤ xoxo

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