My Oscar Epiphany

Hi Everyone!

On Friday, I made Bee and Kai public and received so much love I was blown away!!  I was so incredibly nervous I felt like puking the entire night before but I went with it and am so happy I did. 🙂 Thank you for all the support I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you who took the time to read, comment, share etc.

I’m sitting here, watching the Oscars, trying to write during commercial breaks but it’s so hard, I can’t take my eyes off the screen! It’s just too good! Even the commercials! LOL
Viola Davis’ speech??? Oh my gaaawsh, I was bawling. So happy she won. I love the Oscars!

While I was pregnant with Malakai, I would envision myself as a parent and one of my “rules” was absolutely no TV before age 5. **Let me just take a minute to laugh unbelievably hard at myself right now** Well, that did not happen, actually nothing really turned out the way I envisioned it, but I’ll save that for another post.  Anyway, turns out she LOVES movies which helped me out big time when Ellanor was born via C-section and we pretty much camped out in the living room the entire 6 weeks.  But, I’ve always felt so guilty letting her watch her shows. Like so guilty. We would have a movie day one day, and the next I would turn off the TV for the rest of the week (except for nap and bedtime when I snuck it in).  It’s always eaten at me for some reason, and if I’m being totally honest, she really doesn’t even watch that much TV.

Watching the Oscars tonight, I had an epiphany.  It made me reflect back on my childhood, all the movies I’ve watched, my passion for stories, my love of writing.  As a kid, I watched SO many movies.  I loved it.  I remember for a project in Grade 5, we were supposed to make a poster board of facts about something or someone we loved/looked up to, and most of the kids did their projects about their Mom or Dad or a family pet or favourite animal and I did mine on Jim Carry, haha!

It was a much needed escape for me.  For an hour or two I would get completely lost in another world and it filled my soul with hope, laughter, empathy, but more importantly, possibility.  This sounds so cheesy but I realized it was movies that taught me to dream big, and showed me there was a whole world to explore out there and that you could create the life you want to live.  They would inspire me so much I would spend hours learning dance moves, or draw out entire city’s where I imagined “my movies” would be. I would write stories with a similar story line to a movie I just watched.. I was so inspired by them I even went into modelling school and auditioned for 2 commercials!! Haha, so embarrassing. I had no idea what I was doing.. but, the point is that I was inspired enough to TRY and that’s what I want for my daughters.

I want them to fall in love with something. Be passionate about something, be it sports, music, art.  And, movies are after all, an incredible form of art. So, who am I to deprive her of something she loves! What if she were to become a film maker, producer, director, writer, actress, visual effects technician, musician, the list goes on! Would I feel guilty then? Hell no. The only thing I’d feel guilty about is how many drinks I had during the Oscar’s after party.  😉

So, Malakai, I want you to dream big and promise Mommy all this movie watching will pay off somehow, even if it’s just the special memories made while cuddling on the couch together.  Can’t wait to watch Moana with you tomorrow


7 thoughts on “My Oscar Epiphany”

  1. So I totally wrote a comment on this yesterday like, EARLY in the day. But I did so on my phone and before I could hit send my fingers and brain disconnected momentarily and so, no comment until now. I meant to write another one right away but you know, #momlife lol!

    Totally agree with this post. It’s easy to feel guilty about TV when there is so much negative talk around it. I also planned to not let Vienna watch TV shows or movies until she was older, (LOL), but these days if I’m trying to make supper and she is -literally- climbing up my leg because she’s bored, and Jon isn’t home to play with her, I’m the first to suggest paw patrol. Thank god for tv.
    I’m pretty sure you go outside with your children more than most other moms I personally know.
    Everything in moderation right? 🙂

    Oh and, what?! You went to modelling school and auditioned for two commercials ??! Excuse me? Please tell me you have footage and photographs of this, please.

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    1. Hahaha totally understand! No need for explanation, I love that you take the time to read and post anyway!! ❤
      Yessss, thank God for TV!! Seriously, it’s a life saver some times.
      Hahaha, oh no, there is zero footage, there may be some photos but I will hide them to the death! Lol
      The modelling school was in Fort Mac at Westwood high school and at the end of the schooling we got the opportunity to strut our stuff in front of a bunch of agencies in Edmonton. I was sooo horribly shy I don’t even know how I went through with it, makes me nervous just thinking about it again!! Haha.


  2. Heehee so nice to dream Alyssa! I always wanted to work with Animals !!! so be at a shelter or a secretary at a vet clinic or just be a part of animals lives and make a little difference one baby step at s time. That was my dream when I was a child. So so long agoooo lolol. You never know!!!! Maybe one day! Then my Granddaughters can come and help me. Heehee. Gramdmaman knows in her heart that my granddaughters will be the best they can be….. how can they go wrong with parents like you and Nicholas!!!! OMG you guys live for the babies… and do all you can to make sure they have full confidence in themselves the # 1 key to be successful in everything you do! Keep on keeping on Alyssa you are a great inspiration to many. Love you always ❤️😘

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  3. Finding passion in life is so important. I feel like I am still looking for my passion, I want to find something that is completely engrossing. I used to be really creative, but I haven’t explored that side of myself in a while. I really want to find something that I can get really interested in. I think I will start searching for that this year I’ll dip my toe in a few different endeavors and hope I can find something to get really into.

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