The Best Year of My Life

I know it’s almost March and I’m a little bit late with the whole New Years Resolution thing, but let’s be real here, who actually starts their resolutions January 1st am I right?? Or maybe it is just me, hah! Either way, I’m going to tell you about my plans for having The Best Year of My Life!

I stumbled upon this incredible book at the library the other day, while I was working on one of my many resolutions, to read more! The book is called, The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford, and it is aaamazziing.  Her voice is super motivating and she gives you action plans and tips I find would be useful! I was actually looking for another book when I found this one and I’m soo thankful I trusted my gut and got it instead!

Every year, I am always making 101 resolutions for myself.  I’m addicted to self-improvement and I get SO excited for the whole “new year, new me”, but I’m often taking on more than I can chew which then leads to unproductiveness and disappointment.  This brilliant lady suggests in order to have the best year of your life to only focus on TWO goals you want to achieve, write them down, make a plan, set a date in which goals have to be achieved, and have a support person and/or group to keep you accountable. She claims that setting yourself up to achieve two realistic goals will boost your self esteem and make you eager to create two more goals and so on.

She talks about many other things that will aid you in having the best year of your life. Here are my two favourites:

  1. Claiming the moment. Being more present. Taking mental polaroids of at least two special moments everyday. *Nick and I and the girls started talking about two of our favourite moments from the day every night before bed.  I hope we can make this a special little family tradition, I just love it! It ends the day on a happy note and everyone goes to bed with a grateful heart ❤
  2. Creating unforgettable days. Setting up a special day for yourself and/or the ones you love once a month. *We’re going to have family movie nights the first night Nick is off work. We’ll put the phones away, make some popcorn and cuddle up for a movie with the girls 🙂  We’re also planning on having Mommy/Daddy or should I say, Husband & Wife nights, where it’s just Nick and I, PHONES OFF or put away, and we can either stay in and play board games or binge on Netflix or go out! And, of course I need a special day just for moi! I’m thinking a nice hot bubble bath with candles and a big glass of Cabernet Sauvignon 🙂

Having your best year yet is all about taking your life in your own hands and the advice this author gives is super motivating, I love it and I’m so excited for this year! The best year of my life 😉

*I highly recommend reading her book, but if you aren’t so much into reading she has a website you can go to for tips and worksheets and stuff!


I’d love to hear from you guys what kind of things motivate you? I’m always up for new reads too! Thanks and good luck to us all! 🙂



6 thoughts on “The Best Year of My Life”

  1. Alyssa, I totally get the baby blues and wanting to be happy but feeling sad… those hormones are mean! We struggled for a long time but eventually got some balance and it only improved from there. Things that motivate me/ I do for me to keep the negativity from creeping in-
    Honestly when armand is at work and it’s to cold to do anything. I go to the gym and sj goes to daycare for an hour. It’s personal time for me and Scarlett has a great time in daycare. I leave with endorphins and feel better because I challenged myself in that class, when I pick up sj she is smiling and happy from her time with friends.

    I play with Scarlett, her little laugh and squeal makes me laugh and helps me refocus on the important things in that moment… the laundry can wait. My little will only be so
    Small for so long and I enjoy our play time together (I do eventually get to the house work)
    If there is stress or something that I feel is more stronger than me … I look in the mirror and say something onn of my old co workers said to me when I first started working in my career…. “you would worry if there wasn’t anything to worry about”. I really didn’t like that….. and I decided to change myself at that moment. I can’t change the situation but I can change how I handle it. Mind you some days are easier then others. But forgiveness is a huge one too!!! We are human. And humans make mistakes…. but we can learn from them through self reflect.

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    1. Jessica, thanks so much for your comment! I love that you found yourself an outlet – SO important to just have a little time to ourselves hey!?! Gives us a chance to miss them! Haha. That is so true about the worrying thing, I’m a huge worrier and I need to work on that. “Baby” steps though 😉
      Thanks so much for reading! ❤️😘
      PS. You are such an inspiration for me to obtain one of my goals: loosing the baby weight! You are one hot Momma!!! xo


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