15 things

I used to make lists of all the things I was happy about/thankful for and I haven’t done that in such a long time. It really helped me focus on the good things in my life and when I would have a bad day, I could just read over my list and know there were at least 15 things I was happy and thankful for 🙂

So, I wanna start doing that again!

Here’s my 15 things :

1. My little Bee’s laugh.  She does full belly laughs now and she thinks almost anything is funny.  The other day I peeked in the living room after hearing Ellanor’s adorable little laugh and saw Malakai standing in front of her, moving her head side to side 🙂 the sweetest! ❤

2. Malakai calls herself “baby Kai” right now – cutest thing ever! She also calls anyone that doesn’t look like an adult, a baby, hah.  She’ll point at a 10 year old and say “Baby! Baby!” Haha, my little nerd 🙂

3. Nick’s working schedule is perfect right now. Loving the whole 7 days we get to spend together! Thankful for his job!!

4. I started exercising a little over a month ago now and am already seeing results! Plus, I’m loving the adult conversations with my workout partner/friend 🙂

5. Malakai singing.

6. Conversations with Ellanor

7.  Sunday meals with my family

8.Nice weather!! It’s been in the pluses all week and it’s February! A rare and beautiful thing in Northern Alberta!

9. Running! Last night, I ran for the first time in nearly two years!! AND it was outside AND it was with my doggies AND they were well behaved!

10. Co-sleeping with our little lovelies 🙂  We have always co-slept but for some reason I’ve always felt self conscious about it.  So many people think it’s weird! I’ve been asked millions of times, “are they in their own bed yet??” And, I’m like “nooooo…should they be?” Then, I would feel like we’re doing something wrong and say to Nick, “they NEED to sleep in their own beds! like now!” And he would be like, “naaaaaah. screw what people think!” So, for once, I am taking my husbands advice and screwing what people think! 😉 But seriously… I really love co-sleeping 🙂 ❤

11. Moana. Pretty much the best Disney movie since Beauty and the Beast and Lion King.  It’s on repeat in our house and Nick and I have even watched it without the kids!

12.  Ellanor’s farts 🙂 She wakes us up with her little farts ❤

13. When Kai talks to Bee

14. Malakai’s love for the moon.  When it gets dark she runs to the window and yells (literally) “Mom, mom, mom, mom – mooooooon!” 🙂 And she makes us all say Hi and Buh bye ❤

15. Lately, when Nick gets home from work, it’s hug time then chase-each-other-around-the-house-time.  Malakai actually gets so pumped for it sometimes she forgets all bout the hug and just starts running around screaming haha ❤

This was taken on my run!

8 thoughts on “15 things”

  1. I giggled all the way through this and got sooky and lovey when I was done. Want to comment on ALL 15 things lol! So much sweetness in this post. I love that she loves the moon! Such a great thing to be obsessed with lol! (I am too:p)
    Family chasing around the house time is pretty much a daily things for us as well. I started playing monster mommy with her before she could walk haha! She would crawl away as fast as she could, super slowly with her little diaper bum.
    Parenthood is amazing.
    Love reading about your experience:) MORE MORE MORE 😀

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      1. OMG I’m so glad you shared it! Especially because I am a Valentines Day fanatic as well..
        I love the part about you being little and dressing up like a princess. Such a sweet little image ❤ Maybe someday we'll get to spend a V-Day together with our girls and have a whole day of princess pampering chocolate magic.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oops I thought this reply was on the V-Day one. Derp! I am a very tired human today, as you may be able to tell. But this was definitely not too mushy! It’s light and fun and refreshing.

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