Valentine’s Day

I LOVE Valentine’s Day!

As a little girl, I would wake up to heart-shaped pancakes with heart-shaped strawberries and whipped cream, the kitchen decorated pink, white and red with heart balloons, and gifts of chocolate and I-Love-You cards set out on the table for us kids! We’d exchange hugs, and get ready for the day. I would wear my prettiest outfit and do something special with my hair, then collect all the cards I made the night before along with my hershey kisses I got that morning and jet off to school.  There, I would give everyone I seen, even if they weren’t in my class, a hershey kiss, and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day with such enthusiasm they were probably a little creeped out, hah! I’m not sure if it was taking the time to look my best that day or all the extra love received, but no matter what I always felt sooo beautiful on Valentine’s Day, it was like the love in my heart would overflow and in my head I would swing open the window and let all my love pour out in song just like a Disney princess 🙂 haha! But for real!!!!

Now as a wife and mom, I want to pass that tradition down to my lil family, make my girls and hubby feel special and have our day smothered with love! but holy moly, I didn’t realize just how much work it takes!! *Shout out to all the Mom’s/Step Mom’s making this happen every year! I have so much more gratitude for my Moms now that it’s my turn ❤

I had this big plan mapped out in my mind of how the day would go.  I would wake up extra early, get all prettied up, run to the grocery store, grab the decorations and the ingredients we needed to make our heart-shaped pizza’s for supper, run back to the house, decorate and have breakfast ready for Nick and the girls when they woke up. We would exchange hugs and kisses and eat and then take the doggies for a nice long walk, and get our sweat on so we don’t feel guilty about the copious amounts of pizza we were going to devour later. After our nice long walk, we would start on our pizza, having so much fun watching Malakai roll out the dough and place her toppings on. Then, after eating, we would put the girls to bed and have a glass of wine, play some cards and have a little Adult time! Well, let’s just say it did not turn out the way I imagined, but was still pretty amazing.

Here’s what actually went down:

I woke up with the girls… made toast with peanut butter and heart-shaped strawberries and Malakai ate everything but the heart-shaped strawberries. We all got ready together (which took half the morning) and went to the grocery store to get the decorations and ingredients that I was supposed to get before the girls woke up. For some odd reason Malakai didn’t want any of the decorations in our cart and was throwing a fit about the balloons being in there (and she loves balloons!!) so we ended up coming home with no decorations at all except some lilies that I wasn’t budging on. Then, Malakai goes for her nap and Nick and I clean. When she wakes up we all get ready to go for our walk with the dogs but just as we were all finished getting dressed I realized Ellanor hasn’t eaten yet and so I tell Nick just to take Malakai out so she doesn’t get hot while I feed Ellanor… I’m done feeding Ellanor, got my tula on and my back pack on ready for our long walk with the dogs. I get out the front door and Nick and Malakai are no where to be found. I look over to the park that’s in the field in front of our house and spot them. I guess we are not taking the dogs on a long walk… Instead, we played at the park. When we got back inside I gathered all the ingredients to make the pizza’s and set it out on our dinning room table.  But Malakai was so not into it… I think she was mad ’cause she wanted to play longer outside so she was being a lil stinker and pretending not to hear us calling her to the table.  After picking her up and forcing her to sit at the table (’cause we were gunna have fun damn it!) she poked at the dough a couple of times and decided enough was enough so we ended up just putting on Barney while Nick and I made the pizza’s.  Then, we ate together and started getting the girls ready for bed.  But, of course, they just weren’t havin’ it.  After the 15th million time Malakai came outta the room, we just let her stay up and I had to laugh. I had to laugh because if I didn’t I think I woulda cried.

So, I poured myself a glass of wine and gave Nick his beer and we turned on some music and just sat.  Malakai sang and danced and then got out the paint and Nick sat with her and painted.  With Ellanor asleep on my chest, her little breath tickling my skin, I watched my husband and my oldest sing and paint and it hit me, that feeling I used to get as a little girl, my heart overflowing with so much love!! Nick and I have been together for 10 years. That’s 10 Valentine’s days! And, watching him be so playful, so gentle, so loving with our girls, I think this Valentines had to be the one with the least romance but the most love. ❤

I had been trying to make this day so perfect and was blinded by what I “thought” it should be, that I couldn’t see it for what it is – so completely magical and beautiful.  And just like that, there I was, a Disney princess singing my love song to the world!  *Hehe, I really need to do this one day. I just think it would be so fun! 🙂

So all in all, it was a pretty great day. I’m so thankful for my lil’ family



Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day filled with love!



5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day”

    1. I enjoy what you have to share, gets people talking about the way they handle things in their lives, I enjoy the nature and I believe malakai does to.. We used to go out at 40 below, and we had only one channel, so we did a lot outdoors together

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